Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Planning a Wedding- The Who

I wanted my wedding to be all about family. With only 50 people able to come, I wanted to be sure that every single person there was someone we loved. So we chose carefully who would play each role.

The most important thing to me about the wedding (with the exception of walking away with a husband) was the photography. I'm sure anyone that creeps around here knows that I love pictures. I was willing to get married in front of a judge and stage a wedding for the pictures. That idea was vetoed though! I contacted a few people but then my mom came to me to let me know that my (3rd?) cousin was a great photographer and we should check out his work.

Sure enough... Luke and Brittany were amazing and I had a VERY talented relative (that I'd never met!) as my photographer.

I had always said that I wanted my Uncle Randy to marry me. He is a pastor, and I always thought it would be great. He was willing to skip his family's Thanksgiving to make that happen.

My grandpa was one of the most influential people in my life. He died when I was a teenager and always gave me and my cousin Heather the hardest time about how nobody would be good enough to marry us. I wanted him there. I think it's a sad tradition to have deceased family member's photos up front or on an empty chair on such a happy day. One of my forever memories of him was sitting around the kitchen table with him reading the bible before we left the dinner table. My grandma brought his bible and we had it open on the altar:

Then there was the matter of my bridal party. I asked my two sister-in-laws to be my maid and matron of honor. 

Lori is my brother's wife and Carrie is Chris's sister. Chris asked his best friend to be his best man and my brother Andy. 
My brother Jonathan was our usher (it was such a small group we really only needed one). My brother Matthew was a maybe up until the end because of the army. He ended up being a guest in a seat of honor.

We opted to spend our money on a photo booth, rather than a DJ and just have live music for our first dances. My brother Jonathan is also great on the piano and just plays by ear. He ended up playing for people during the reception.

I couldn't not mention my parents. My dad was the tech support for the entire function and did the wiring. My mom was my amazing assistant in most planning. Because of both of their huge parts in making me me they both walked me down the aisle and gave me away.

The whole thing was more "home spun" than I ever took myself for, but completely right…

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