Friday, February 28, 2014

2 Sectionals Are Better Than 1!

We got a second Ikea Sectional! This one was the Friheten Corner Sofa Bed and it lives down in our basement:
After hauling our Kivik home we knew what transporting a whole sofa with a borrowed truck felt like. This time we thought we'd check into their delivery service. This was the BEST decision ever! They came during the window, cleaned up snow that came in with them, and were really friendly. And, we didn't have to borrow a truck! Complete game changer! It was definitely intimidating to look at.
Chris still had about three hours until he was due home when the delivery guys left. I decided I would unbox everything so we could tackle it together later. Once I did it it wasn't anything I found scary. I decided I'd see what I could do alone… An hour later I had finished it myself! I just needed Chris's help laying it back down. 
The couch was crazy easy to build and we love it! Now the basement is a happy marriage of Chris and I. I have the wall next to the leather chair with all of my favorite prints. 
 Chris's wall is all kinds of his favorite guy stuff. He is currently hunting for a sword or something else guyish to finish off his wall:

Here is our dirty little secret though. The couch. I can't seem to even give it away. It's listed for $50 on Craig's List and a local Facebook buy/sell group with no luck. So it sits on its side behind the new couch. 
I also got a C Table from The Container Store which is a great little work surface:
And the sectional folds out into a bed. It's nice and firm and comfy too without that awkward center bar  that pull out sofa beds have. 
And it has some great hidden storage!

We also got our "guestbook" up on the wall on the way down the basement stairs:
And even our books have merged!
 So, here is our basement in action:
 The cat has channeled his inner Lion King and will be very upset whenever I do eventually sell the love seat:

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