Thursday, January 23, 2014

The House Today

It's been a while since you've been through the house with me. Since then some things have evolved…

I got an awesome final sale rug at West Elm for $99 that was far more proportionate for the living room! It looks like it was made to live with us!

I also got the yellow tray from next to nothing at Ikea. Overall the room seems so much happier!
The flower pot held our wedding programs and is now repurposed 
We got a second canister from Target as a gift and Zulu's spoiled lifestyle has now been accommodated 

We picked up two lanterns when we were down in Austin and got a third as a gift from Chris's mom. I finally got up the nerve to string them from the ceiling

We also got this really cool knife block… And the cat needed to photo bomb! 

I bought a bookcase from The Container Store in the spirit of compromise for Chris's Christmas gift. When I was sure Chris was in bed I hauled all of the books he didn't think I noticed that he had hid in the attic downstairs and set this up:

I also got a sewing machine for Christmas… I've truly become the person I swore I never would be! I put off unboxing it until I had a sewing table I could spread out on. A quick trip to Ikea had that solved!
I bought a desk top and two Expedit cubes that I wanted to stand it on. 
First I laid it out like this but it seemed pretty bulky:
Then I tried it like this and liked it… But wanted to try a little more leg room:
So, this arrangement was born. It required screwing the top on from the bottom. 
Unfortunately, the top didn't completely cover it. There is about 1.5 inches of uncovered space… Despite that, I'm loving it!
I found containers at The Container Store and now that I figured out how to use the machine I'll just need to figure out how I need to store all of my new supplies!

We spend a lot more time down in the basement now. We have surround sound, the treadmill, the old living room TV, and my sewing stuff. Next step is another sectional:
Here is our room in action now:
I actually managed to sew the little tiny pillow myself!
We also needed another hamper with all of these extra clothes in our lives. 
So, that's our house these days!

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