Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Almost Here

This wedding is about here! Big changes have happened around the house. By big changes, I mean big TVs…
Actually this is the TV from upstairs. Chris came roaming in with 50" of fun the other day
Him and my dad did a little swap
 And now the giant tv is in the living room
And we have a grown up basement

 And I installed a mirror like a lazy person
 So now I can be part of this big tv action:
 Now Chris wants a sectional. Here's where it'll be if that happens

Something as simple as a TV in the basement just made the house feel so different. It isn't that girl's first house that it once was. It has family spaces.

It has pictures of first copies of keys that I can imagine being replaced with sonogram pictures and things like that.

It's much more grown up than it ever has been before. My life is just so different than it was before. Two weeks from now I'll be in Florida, it'll be my 30th birthday, and I'll hopefully making it to the marriage license office before they close. 

I had my wedding hair trial today. I did NOT go with this.

I just needed to take a moment to reflect. Life will be very different very soon. 

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