Friday, July 5, 2013

Bridal Stitch Fix

In case I haven't shoved it down your throat enough... I'm gonna be a bride! I thought Stitch Fix could help me do some shopping for the big event and trip. 

When I requested my fix I included the following details:
And here's what I got:
This was a much better experience than my last fix. Something about a personal note just makes a big difference. It's hard to see, but my stylist Angela told me they didn't have any lace dresses in currently but sent me other dresses and accessories, and wished me luck. 
 So here is what I got.
#1 The necklace
 I'm wearing it in the next picture. It's like 5 lbs. I'm in love with it. I would've never bought it on my own but it's so pretty! I can picture myself wearing it with a long dress down in Florida! It's a definite keep.
 She also sent this #2. This dress. 
My big thighs did NOT look good in this one, so there are no pictures. It was really cute though :(
#3 Was this linen lace shirt. 

 I love the details and it works with my whole wedding lace thing...
 And the back of it is super cute!
 This is also a definite winner. 
#4 was this paisley maxi dress. I'm loving maxi dresses these days (along with the rest of the world) but this print is a little like my grandmother's wallpaper. I wasn't sure I could swing it. 

 It actually fit great and was really comfy, but I couldn't wrap my heart around the print enough to keep it. 
#5 was this great colorblock maxi skirt. 
 This will also be living with me!

 So there it is! StitchFix redeemed itself all with one little note and I'll be keeping 3/5!

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