Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3 Years In...

It has been 3 years, this month, since I bought my house! I can't believe it. I'm so proud of how far we've come together! Join me in remembering (and looking at tons of pictures)?

The stairway right inside the front door:
I did tons of painting, I ripped up the carpet, added molding and trim to the stairs and painted them, removed the lock from the upstairs closet, and replaced the hardware holding up the railing and the handles on the door:
 Hm. It's so pretty! 
More of the same with a different view. I also replaced the thermostat... More on that in another post. I wasn't sure how long I'd love the stripes. I'm still not. Right now I can't imagine ever tiring of them. I love them so much! 
 I've officially painted every single wall in the house (except for the closets), every piece of trim, and replaced all of the blinds. The living room features 100% new furniture. I didn't have a thing in this room prior to moving in. I did own all of the pillows and pictures though!
(Looks like the previous owners had a Nordic Track where my couch is!)

 I have a hard time identifying a favorite piece in this room. I adore the barnwood frames, the rocker, the barrel, the light fixture, the pillow fabric, and the sectional. I also love the wire baskets that you can't see in the entertainment unit. 

This room has been 25% repainted in the last 3 years. The art is almost all existing from my previous place. The table is hands-down my favorite. The light fixture is a close contender though!

The stenciled wall was the repainted area...

 I think it looks so much better than the stripes I had here before! I'm still thrilled that I chose grey instead of tan for the walls!

It's fun to count how many photo bombs Zulu is responsible for!
The bathroom. It was so very oak and spider filled when I moved in! And breezy. It still is. 
 I replaced the oak medicine cabinet with the floor mirror hung sideways, painted and added hardware to the vanity, and added some cheap art.
 A little scrubbing, mopping, and painting was all it took to improve the bathroom. It was in great shape! Oh, and lots of caulking.

This window is the next on the project list. It has no winter projection and snow literally drips in. I covered it with saran wrap for now. This summer it's being changed out. I also replaced the towel hook with a robe hook, and added a curved shower curtain rod:

I've painted all of the hinges and doorknobs in the hallway and given it a fresh coat of paint and hung up a painting I got in Africa. I'd like to eventually make this hallway a black and white family gallery (you know, when there is one!), chevron the ceiling with the stripes colors, and get a semi-flush mount black light fixture:

 The guest room has been 100% repainted. It started white and I repainted it paper bag brown. Then I brought all but 1 wall back to white. I'm thinking about painting the ceiling a really light tiffany blue. But... Why mess with perfection!?

I'd love to refinish the floors in here, but that would require the whole first floor being done I think and I'm not ready for that. Otherwise it's good!

The kitchen was a yellow, peach, oaky wonderland too. The countertops were great, but that was all. There were cable wires coming out of the wall in the breakfast room, peel and stick tile falling off, no appliances, and beach vertical blinds. 
 I'm close to being ready to paint the off white tiles white and bring the cabinets along for the ride... Close. So far the cabinets have been repainted twice but the walls have stayed the same. Hardware has been added to the cabinets, the backsplash has been added with appliances and a pantry cabinet, and the cabinets have been moved over 2 inches. 

This is the view with the newest light fixture. Perfect :)

Excuse the darkness... So much better than the vertical blinds! 
 This is why under the table is such a mess...

This has also seen no repaints, although the furniture in here has almost all been painted! The carpet was ripped up and blinds replaced.

 My bedroom may be my second favorite transformation (my stairs are my favorite). It was so dark and dirty feeling. 
Now it's so open and light! This has seen a complete repaint, and the floors have also been touched up. I bought a mirror and end table for the dormer, and made a new night stand. Otherwise, I owned everything in this room when I moved in. 

The basement stairs have been repainted and I built a thin coat rack. This is one of my favorite spur-of the moment projects. It was done so quickly and was FREE! 

I had to replace all of the thin, glass, basement windows with glass block when I moved in. I also had to add the railing in order to secure my home loan. 
The basement is still in progress:
Eventually there may be a sectional down here and there will be a much larger TV. 
 I'll finally replace the contents of the frame with this Chicago drawing I've had my eye on for awhile. I repainted the accent wall down here and all of the squares. Otherwise, the rest of the basement is still the color I chose when I moved in. 

 I will be buying a black bookcase like the one under my TV for under the mirror to use as a bar/game storage area. I also am hoping to score a high top table I can paint black for on the rug. Until then I just do laundry and yoga down here. 
 Now the basement bathroom...
It's structurally better than when I moved in. The plumbing issues have been fixed but the tile still needs to be replaced and I really need to figure out what color I'd like to paint it and make it happen. 
The outside... I love it so. This tree makes apples. The broken window has been replaced and the deck repainted. 

The red deck is a little less red, the dead tree has been cut down, the screened porch is re-screened, and the hammock has a home!

It's been 3 years (sniff sniff) and I love it so :) Thanks for being with me every step of the way!

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