Saturday, January 26, 2013

The "We" Project

I am in a relationship that's actually happy and functional! It's a shocker! He wants me to change my sidebar about my bad luck in dating but it's not quite time for that. Even so, it is time to quit thinking about me and me alone. I'm dating a renter that would come over to my owned house when the next step happens. We've had some talks about where he would even fit in in my big old house. I've managed to fill alot of the space quite nicely myself and I don't share well! 

So after much thinking and a few projects here is my attempt at beginning the "we" shift. 
My bed is shoved far into the corner which gives me plenty of room for me and my night table, but doesn't leave any room for one on the other side. I thought about buying a table but just wanted something small, cheap, and cool looking. 

Lately I'm obsessed with this white lacquered wood collection from the Container Store. 
I have the tray and box on my bedside table:
I also replaced the 4 green boxes:
 With these

So when I saw this desktop file box that matched I immediately had an idea. THIS would be my other bedside table. I had just enough white lacquered wood in the room to make it not stand out as strange. Plus, my fresh white walls would keep it from sticking out. 

So, here she is:
 And, I got her on sale! Even better!
 I started my project by drilling two holes in the back of it. The back is not the same heavy wood, so I wasn't sure how it'd turn out, but it went well!
 Then I held it up to the wall and marked with a pencil the two holes once I had it leveled. Then I drilled! 
 I had plastic wall anchors that I tried to install, but they wouldn't open in my plaster. I ended up buying some toggle bolts and washers for either side of the wood back so that pressure wouldn't force the screws through the wood.
 After the toggle bolts went in this thing was up for good!
 Isn't it great? It's just a plain little table top with a cubby, but I knew once I dressed it up it would be perfect!
I may eventually paint the back to keep from seeing the washer and screws, but for now it is perfect!
 It's a little strange that it's so much higher than the other table, but I can't stand how low the table is. this one is perfect! 
 And, it doesn't stand out on the walk in!
 And, my boyfriend patiently waited while I installed and photographed...

In addition to my nightstand project I also was forced to make my bathroom more functional after a pipe under the sink completely disconnected while I was trying to unclog it. 
After my dad and brother took the whole thing apart they found all kinds of things down the drain. 
 One of the things was these stones, thanks to the cat! So, the stones had to go. 
 I figured I'd switch that out for something with a little more storage (oh and I got the white lacquered trash can too!) and added the basket with a tissue holder, a closed box for things like cotton balls and makeup sponges, and a glass jar with q-tips. Moving these things out of the drawer will help open up some room for someone else! 

 I also added a couple of baskets to the door of my coat closet (I'm adding 1 more for gloves, hats, etc.) for all of my flip flops, insoles, and so on to free up the floor (and by the way, this is the the best way to store flip flops EVER! I wish I'd done this years ago!).

 And, I freed up some pantry space by adding a door rack here. He's a wine connoisseur and suddenly I have way more than I ever did before!
 So there you have it. Thanks for coming along on my journey to free up space!

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