Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!!

The living room continues to evolve and change. I love the fabric on my pillows in the living room, but I'm bored with it and the tiffany blue poms fabric is starting to fade and look dingy. With my very tan/grey living room with my new couch I knew I needed some bright colors. I also wanted to draw out the aqua in the blue rug I just got and keep up my love of tiffany blue and tie in my bright yellow dining room rug. 

When I walked past this pillow in Target, I knew I had to spin around and put it in my basket! I crossed my fingers that it would match the fabric I'd ordered online. Today it came!

And it does!!! So perfectly!
Here are the fabrics in more detail:
The blanket like this but a different color for $26 at Target. 

I will show an "after" pic of the reupholstered pillows when they're done, but rejoice with me for now! 

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