Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big Living Room Changes

Wow I'm the worst blogger ever these days. I have no excuse! But, I had to pop in to show something exciting. I know I'd mentioned buying a barrel. I've made other changes around the living room. 

Let me remind you how far I've come...

I now have 0 of this in my living room! (except for the dog and cat that is!)
I'd mentioned a year and a half ago my goals for the living room in this post

Here it is now:

What a change! It's awfully grey/tan though. I've just ordered this rug which should spice things up. I also plan on getting some bold fabric for pillows, building a console table for behind the couch, and changing up the art work, as well as adding accessories to the barrel. 
Here is the journey to changing up the living room:
This is the couch all prepped to move to the basement

Here is the new couch getting strapped in for the ride home
Here is the couch getting wedged on the way to the basement

 Here is the poor old couch outside waiting for a new owner. Fortunately that ended up being my baby brother! 
 Here is box 1 of 4 of the couch
 In the midst of chaos

 Done at last!!! I had googled Ikea Kivik reviews and found the video of how to assemble it on youtube. Considering there were no assembly directions included, that was a God-send! 
 I got rid of the table I had against the stripes to make this pass-through a little larger
 So far it's wildly popular 
 I'm SO glad I spent more for the upgraded tweed-like fabric. It is SO comfortable! I'm in LOVE with this couch!
 When I'd gotten this chair it seemed low. The low-lying sectional makes this seem proportionate. I also got an ammunition barrel on ebay as an end table. 

Here is a fast forwarded version of my boyfriend and I building the amazing new couch! It's also poorly aimed. Whoops! Still... enjoy!

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