Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lazy (But Awesome) Blog Post

How is that for perspective?!


  1. So, I hope that this comment doesn't make me sound like a stalker-- I swear I'm not! But I found your blog when I was searching for Stitch Fix reviews, and I read through several posts. I realized that I know the orphanage you went to in Mozambique! I spent about a month there in the summer of 2009-- my good friend's mom & dad are two of the founders of CFO-MOZ (their daughter has been working at the orphanage for nearly 10 years). We were there visiting & I was able to spend some time working with the kids on their English-- I'm a high school teacher. Anyway, your pictures brought me back (especially the ones of Simon & Courage!)... it was an incredible trip and I think of the kids there often. Small world, I guess! I just had to say hello :)

  2. Jen,
    I'm SOOO glad you took the time to leave a comment! A) stitch fix is so fun! B) what a small world! I'm so glad that we were both able to spend time in such an amazing place!


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