Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting My Stitch Fix Take 3

There's nothing like this box to get my heart racing!
 There's always a free gift in the box. Item #1 was these earrings. 

They're really pretty, but get tangled in my curls, so they went back. 
Item #2 is my current favorite shirt. Words can't express how perfect this shirt is! I love that it isn't a button up and is silk instead of flannel! It fits perfect. I was going to a farm to roam through corn and hold wild animals. I'd tried on a billion things, and this came 5 min. before I had to leave!
 This is it on my way out:
And in action (I hate/fear birds, so this sign was perfect)!
 Item #3 was this bird tank (also seen on StitchFix's blog):
Pretty appropriate given my bird fear huh? I love that it's also silk and I can wear it fall, winter, spring, and summer! 
 I also get dorky pleasure from the side zipper:
 And here it is with a pair of boots on my way out for brunch today!
 And I wore it to vote! 
 Item #4 was this super cute shirt which is also featured on the blog. I love it. 
But, it fits a little strange. The part where the purple and stripes meet fits weird and the shirt moved weird on me because of it. It's too bad because I love it... And I love the sleeves!
 It's cuter off of me than on!
 Item #5 was this super super cute wrap dress. Unfortunately, it fit funky. 
 So it went back.
 This was my favorite fix EVER! I almost kept everything (it would've only been $165 because of the 25% keep everything discount), but wasn't sure if the dress would ever fit right, when I'd ever feel like wearing the earrings, and if the striped shirt's funky feel would bother me too much. 
 My stylist Margaret read every note about what I was hoping to get (I had noted something from the blog I liked, and I think that's why she went out of her way to find me others featured there) and really did an amazing job! 

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