Friday, October 5, 2012

Chalkboard Painting Pumpkins

I have to be careful with my Instagram feed (you saw it over there ------> on the right, right?) Now when I share my pictures it's like a blog post spoiler! You may have seen this one:
And guessed what I'd blog about! My parents dog is staying with me for a bit. I still have Zulu, no worries! Well me and the hounds waked the quick mile down to the farm stand and bought these guys. I used this leftover chalkboard paint and a foam brush to paint them:
This is after the first coat and it was dry within 5 min. 

I let them dry for a couple of hours before writing on them. Then I had to figure out where they should live. Here's the hound showing them and the mums off:

They finally landed in the dining room 

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