Thursday, September 20, 2012

Take 2: Getting My Stitch Fix

I'm hooked. I did it again a few days ago. I've got a real addiction brewing here. Even though I cringe in front of the mirror at about 50% of what they send me I'm loving Stitch Fix!
I got home after a loooooong day of work and looked like crap. I also had horrible lighting going on in my room. There's the picture explanation I have for you!

 My first item were these earrings. Every picture of me shows me in no earrings or little tiny ones. These are out of my comfort zone:
 And I love them! I kept these guys:
 The next was this color block tank. I loved the concept and the colors. 
 I did not love the circus tent/Jenny Craig after picture vibe it was giving me:
 The next thing was this wrap tank. I loved the bright colors. And the shape. Hate the pattern though:
 The lighting was so bad that this is the only shot I got that kinda shows the colors and the shape on me:
 The next was this sweater:
 It was immediately clear that this was in my comfort zone and I love it! Wore it today :)
 The next was this dress. No thank you. Not my kinda pattern. Not a fan of the fit. The whole thing just wasn't me. 
 And it fit bad too. 

So, I kept the earrings and the sweater. I think I just love getting mail with surprise clothes in them. Sit tight. I'm sure there will be a Stitch Fix #3 update coming your way soon! 

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