Monday, September 24, 2012

Monster Smoothie for Zombies

I know that I've told you about the green Monster Smoothie  that I love. The problem with making these is that I'm a total zombie in the morning. Seriously... I spend about 15 min. roaming around trying to figure out what I'm even awake for. I decided I need to simplify this and give a few min. back to my morning! 
 As you'll recall the smoothie includes 1/2 a cup of fat free greek yogurt, 1 cup of some kind of milk (I use almond), 4 cups of spinach, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 

I've also added a tablespoon of chia seeds to the smoothie. This thing is packed full of all kinds of things that are good for me! 
 I made frozen yogurt cubes: 2 cubes= 1/2 a cup
I made almond milk cubes: 8 cubes= 1 cup

After everything was frozen I added the cubes to a ziplock bag with my chia seed, and the peanut butter and sliced banana. 
Now when I'm a zombie in the morning I just have to add the ziplock bag and a package of baby spinach (one bag, or plastic container is about 4 cups) to the blender and I'm done! 

I also have been focusing on my body a lot. This has meant I've started seeing a chiropractor (more on that another time) to fix lots of car accident issues. This is expensive! To counteract the expense I have to bring my lunch. This has been hard for me because my zombie self can barely handle making coffee in the morning and making my lunch would probably make me 45 min. late for work! So- here is my way to keep on budget and on time:
I hope these zombie tips help if you are anything like me! And speaking of zombies... Who else is excited for fall?? It gives me an excuse to listen to one of my favorite songs:
Yes, seriously.

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