Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Sick of Seeing Red

I love my red house. I love its red door, the red fence, and the red shutters. So much so that I've planted red flowers outside. I even loved the red deck and funky thing over it...
 This was my house the day that I met it. Sigh... The memories! 
But, I have a concrete slab, a wood deck, a brown screened porch, and a red deck. The whole thing was disconnected. I wanted to unify everything. 
The unification started with me painting this deck's railings:
Once they were white I had a plan... 

The red on the deck was chipping and looking worn. I knew I'd either have to color match it, or start with something fresh. I bought Deck Restore in the color chocolate. I'd used this on my front porch last summer. I wanted to see how it held up during the winter before I did a bigger project. It did great! I had 1/2 of last summer's left and ended up needing to buy 2 more boxes (so it took me 5 gallons total) to cover the deck. 

The stuff splashes like crazy. I wrapped the columns with newspaper and taped it around the sides so the brick didn't get covered in it. I put on old scrubs, a tee shirt, and a bandanna and got to work:
This was the before shot of the deck:

 This was 1/2 way through. The color difference is pretty subtle. The color does darken as it dries though. This is where I ran out and had to leave it until I went back for my second box. 
 I did it barefoot... See what I mean about splashing?
 And I wore gloves. You can clearly see where they cut off!
 After the second coat I let the deck dry for  a few days before I put the furniture back on and busted out my painter's tape and my exterior semi gloss white paint:
 This is a closeup of the deck texture. It fills in cracks and holes really nicely:
 I painted the trim around the deck a crisp white. This immediately made the brown look more brown and not red and really made the funky red thing stick out.
 Doesn't the white look so nice and clean?
 Before I could proceed with my un-redding (I love making up words) of the funky red thing I had to pull out a billion staples. I assume the former owners had a tarp or something over the X on the top and stapled it to the frame? I have no idea. Maybe they let their kid loose with a staple gun. There are staples like this all over the fence too. It's a pretty hazard filled area! 
 Seriously... So many staples!
 Then I filled in all of the staple and nail holes (oh yeah. a million nails too. Thanks old owners!) and put down plastic. And a tarp. I'm a mess and wanted to guard my freshly painted deck!
 Here is the pretty after! The white definitely ties in with the white railings on the other deck. The brown floor ties in with the brown screened porch floor. 
 It really pops doesn't it? You might be wondering why I left the funky red X up there. And why I didn't paint it white. 
Well the red X will be going away! Daddio is coming over in the morning to measure for the wood needed to make a pergola like this one from my inspiration post:
I'm seriously so excited. Instead of calling it "the funky red thing" I can call it the pergola! 

Speaking of the backyard inspiration post...

I've done a few other, less significant, things:
I wanted to make my ancient air conditioner less visible and take advantage of the full sun that this part of the yard gets. (PS. See my satellite dish? I am a big time AMC viewer. I watch The Killing, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men. Supposedly Dish Network is dropping AMC on June 30. If that happens the dish will be disappearing!)

Tangent over... Back to the yard:
I bought mulch and lots of pretty flowers!
 I dug up this whole area, laid down fabric to keep grass and weeds from poking through, and planted some things! This apparently is stone city and impossible to dig through. It looks a little empty, but I'm physically incapable of digging any more holes to plant anything less puny. 
 I bought more mulch and flowers for another corner of the yard. That literally used to be a stone pile where the old owners had a little shed. I dug up the stones but can't seem to get grass to show up over there.
 I solved the problem and planted some flowers. As you can see the grass is all spotty and miserable over there. The flowers are doing well though so I might extend it out further. 
So, that's a "quick" update on the state of my yard and de-redding my house! Stay tuned for a completed pergola shot!

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