Friday, January 6, 2012

Just the Essentials

I thought I'd show you a few essentials to my life that probably would come in handy for any single girl!

I really know how to take a good bath... One key is to not be afraid to embrace your inner baby! I adore using baby body wash and lotion. It has a clean, neutral scent, and it leaves your skin very soft! Baby washes are also made for sensitive baby skin, so how can it hurt your grown up skin?! I've recently become hooked on Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath (look at all of those B's!). Another key to a good bath is bringing quality reading materials! I love a good basic sweater and house stalking! And finally... Supplement that bath with some good music and wine (or on a really rough day, an ice cream bar!).

Another essential to my daily life is my catch-all bin on my closet floor:
See it there? 
This whole post reads like a Target add or a product endorsement. Whoops! Anyway... I keep hangers for clothes on my body or in the laundry in here. This way I don't have to search among my hanging clothes for a spare. I began adding things I needed while I was getting dressed to the bin. I always forget my deodorant downstairs in the bathroom and don't like to put it on until I'm dressed. I bought a second one and this one stays upstairs. Either way I'll be a fresh EJ! I also have some quick hem tape, wrinkle spray, and Febreze. 

So, what's a girl to do when she gets her heart broken?! I am no medical professional so you should probably check with yours about putting this stuff on (and in) your body, but these are my fav's:

In case you think I'm joking... Me and my momma:
-Preparation H: Embarrassing stuff to buy. Put this under your puffy eyes after you've cried over your latest heartbreak and it seriously helps! It also helps after a wild night out, but I don't have many of those!
-Clear Eyes: I might be addicted to this stuff. If you're super short on sleep or an emotional wreck, this is good stuff. It gives you super white eyes in just seconds!
-Tylenol PM: I do all of my brooding at night. I fall asleep fine but an hour later wake up and just think and think and think. This helps you get your sleep so you're not more emotional because you haven't slept!
-St. John's Wart: They say this stuff gives you a natural pick-me-up. It takes some time to kick in and you shouldn't stop it suddenly. This is for extreme cases where you just can't get over it!

New to painting? This is all you need:

Throw down some newspaper or an old sheet. Buy disposable roller covers and save precious minutes of your life and throw it away instead of washing them out. I also buy pan liners and throw those away when I'm done to save time. Buy a good brush and do wash that out. Spring for decent painter's tape. It's definitely worth it! And finally, have a tiny brush. It helps with all of the details!

Travelling? You know to bring an iPod, your ID, toothbrush, etc. But here are a few of my favorite essential travel things:
 Sassy luggage tags from here and a hand made undies bag from my mom. One side says Wash Me
The other says Wear me. They are separated in the middle, so there's no funny business, and everything's in one bag!
This is my favorite luggage tag because I know I would say that to someone if I saw them grabbing my suitcase by accident!

If you're anywhere near my age everyone you've ever met in your life is having a life event. Babies, weddings, new puppies, houses, sad stuff, etc. I buy generic gift cards for when I forget about those important life events! 
(Isn't that picture fun? Joy is my middle name. It's from here) I also love these boxes from Ikea. I buy fun cards whenever I see them and keep them for such events:
Saves me some serious time... And I really like to shop for cards!

 Something I have a lot of are:
Bra straps. 

No really. They usually come with extra straps. Sweaters come with extra belts. I just always have these extra things that I occasionally use and had no idea where to put. They landed on a shelf in my bedroom, and I use this box all the time!

It's essential that you never forget what's really important. I carried this dirty looking card with me in Africa and it is on a bulletin board in my bedroom now:

If you're going to have a kitchen for the first time in your life these are the things I would buy to live in my cabinets... I use these essentials a lot (along with flour, eggs, milk, etc.)
 -Vanilla Extract
-Baking Powder
-Baking Soda
-Salt & Pepper
-Garlic Powder
-Oregano (but maybe I'm just strange?!)
-Minced Onions

I own a tool box. But who wants to bust out a whole box when you need something fixed quickly? 
I keep my most used tools in my tool drawer. I have a tape measure, pliers, screw drivers, and a hammer in here. If I was more limited in drawer space I think I would still choose a tool drawer over a junk drawer! I use this thing all the time!

Those are a few essentials that go in to being Erin!

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