Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bucket List & Resolutions

It's the new year and I'm dangerously near 30. I know I've told you about my type A list making tendencies. I thought I'd share my most recent list with you since birthdays and new years inspire bucket list and resolution making...

I want to ride a horse. I'm a dork but this is on my bucket list. In first grade I went to a horseback birthday party. I was so afraid of falling off of the horse that I stayed back at the stable and wanted to cry. The birthday girl's mom kept talking about what a baby I was and how they wished they had known I was afraid of horses before I came. How did I know!? The picture underneath again shows off my favorite hair and my college (and after) best friend. She was a total country girl. She got me back on a horse, but not solo. 
1) I want to ride a horse. Just me and the horse. 

2) I want this body back. It was so tiny and tan! I want it!!!!

3) I want to see Africa again. There's nothing else on earth like it. 

4) I want my next dog to not be a Sheltie. I love Zulu. I loved Lindy. I loved Poppy (my first dog): 
But, it's time for a new dog breed!

5) I want to wear fun dresses like this and quit wearing black and pants all of the time!

6) I want to be a mom. That means I want to have kids and/or adopt them. I just know I'll be good at it no matter how I do it!

7) I want to do more home improvement projects. WAY more!

8) I want to take more trips. All over the place!

9) I want to jump out of a plane 1 more time since I was too cheap to buy the video of me doing it last time!

10) I want to act young and not forget to let my inner child out often!

11) I want to be in my own wedding and stop doing stupid jobs like guest book girl in other people's!

12) I want to cook and bake way more. It makes me really happy (so does my polka dotted apron!).

13) I want to run until I actually like it. 

14) I always want to put my family first... Look at how awesome they are!

15) I have been trying to read the whole Bible in a year. I want to finish!

Those are a few of my bucket list things and resolutions for the year. I hope you enjoyed the photo tour through it!

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