Saturday, December 17, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I decided to paint another rug. I'm sure you're well aware of the disdain I have toward the "white" shag rug that currently lives in my dining room. It was too small and too dirty. Painting my last rug went so well that I decided to do it again. I needed a larger rug and those can be expensive. I headed to Ikea for another Erslev. This one is the bigger version and was $59.99

I brought it home and tossed it on the floor to check the size. Check out the difference a couple more feet makes!

I like the Erslev because it matches my current wall color perfectly!

I decided that since I already had stripes on the walls I wanted to bring in another pattern. I found this:

I spent $15 on these stencils. It comes with 11 different patterns/sizes. I bought this for the pattern on the pillow. I debated between painting the rug red or yellow (like the pillow) to contrast with the grey. I  took a little scrap of paper and painted it with some extra dining room paint I had. I took that to the hardware store with me.

Curious about what color I picked? Well hold on for a few more pictures! I bought 2 quarts of interior latex satin paint with primer included (a gallon was way too much last time).

I laid out the rug, taped off the bound edges (to give it a crisp look), taped down both ends (this rug is floppy and doesn't like to lay flat), and measured it out to find the exact center of the rug and tape that off. I wanted to start in the exact center with the stencil.

Here they are. They were a lot floppier than I expected to be. I wanted to use the one on the top left and didn't want the other patterns to get in the way so I cut that stencil out. 

By the way- I ended up going with yellow! It's hard to tell from this picture. Here's the exact shade if you love it:

I taped the stencil down and went to town. I knew it would be a long process because the pattern was so small, but that it would be worth it!

Imagine my disappointment when I lifted up the stencil and the paint had totally bled under it! I wasn't sure what to do so I took a very wet towel to try to scrub the paint out and start again. That just gave me a giant yellow blob. I also tried vinegar. No luck. 

So now I had cut up my $15 stencil kit (rendering it un-returnable). It looked like crap. I got really sad and didn't know what to do. I decided to spend some time looking at my favorite stores to see what kind of rugs they were selling. After doing some research I started some very rough and not exact sketches of rug ideas:

I ended up going with the bottom drawing. Once I started to tape it off I decided to add one extra stripe on either side.

Now it was time to start again and make the most of the blotchy yellow spot on the rug

This time I used a roller and a brush. Using the roller made everything go on so much more evenly. I used the brush to go over the little grooves in the rug that didn't get fully painted. 

I was crossing my fingers at the end. This is what both of the quarts of paint looked like when I was done! I was totally afraid to take the tape off and see that I had missed a spot. I had NO spare paint! I put the fan on it for a couple of hours to dry it before I pulled off the tape. 

Much to my relief, it came off like a charm and there weren't any missed spots! I was also glad I'd added that little extra stripe to the pattern. 

Nice huh? This was prior to sanding. After putting the fan on it for a few hours and pulling off the tape I put the fan away and left the rug to dry overnight. The next day I used fine grit sand paper and my palm sander to soften up the paint. 

Sanding is by far the most annoying part of this process, but it's necessary!

I rolled up the rug to take it upstairs. Imagine my shock when I had yet another "When life gives you lemons" moment... This time the paint had bled through and had dried on my ceramic tile. That will be a fun job with a putty knife that I'll take on later today. Fortunately, it didn't get the grout at all! It turns out that using a tarp like I did the first time is very smart!

Then I moved my beast of a dining table and chairs myself, rolled up the nasty shag rug, put down the new beauty, and put everything back on it. 

I think the next picture shows it best. I LOVE painting projects! Striped walls, painted stairs, painted door, painted trim, painted furniture, painted rugs, etc. 

Pretty after pictures huh? I'm learning to embrace color again after living in several primarily beige places. This definitely spices things up and looks a lot less germ infested!

I had planned on making an exciting post about how to stencil a rug, but that didn't work out! I'll probably stencil everything else in my house to get my $15 worth! Even so, I'm so happy with my rug and the color it's added to my house!

Here's the cost breakdown:
Erslev Rug $59.99
2 Quarts of Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer $29.99
Martha Stewart Stencils $15.99
$105.97 ($89.99 if you do it right the first time and don't buy extra stuff you won't use!)

$90 for an 6x8 rug is a pretty great deal!

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