Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick Tip: How to Shred Chicken FAST

Again, not the most interesting topic in the world... But shredding chicken is a pain. Sitting there ripping apart chicken with forks or your fingers takes about thirty minutes to get two cups. I have several recipes that I love to make, but I don't make them as often because I hate to shred chicken!

Guess what I discovered.

-Start with defrosted boneless, skinless, chicken breast. 

-Toss them in the microwave for about 8-10 minutes for a pound of chicken to cook it quickly:
(looks gross huh?)

Now comes the fun part:
-Toss it in the bowl of your mixer (I have a Kitchen Aid. I have no idea if other mixers will do this as well. Sorry!).
-Use the flat beater to shred your chicken

-Turn it on. 
I like to lock it (on the right side) because the beater might move up in the beginning. 

-One minute later you have shredded chicken! One minute! I've lost hours of my life shredding chicken for no reason! 

This concludes today's quick tip. Enjoy!

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