Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick Paint Storage Tip

Paint storage probably isn't the most exciting thing to blog about, but I'm going to be a dork and do it anyway!

My baby brother went a little fluorescent paint crazy in his new house. Now he's realizing how crazy it looks and trying to tone down the colors. I was the same way in my first house so I understand. I've been giving him my extra leftover paint to cover the craziest colors. Today as I was about to give him my dining room grey I realized I didn't have any extra set aside for myself. This made me wonder if I'm the only one that does this or not.

I don't know how you do it, but I always have a little extra paint from each room on hand for when touchups are needed. Color matching is great, but sometimes not 100%. I keep mine in mason jars. That way you don't have to pry open a can and hammer it back shut when you're done. It's easy to get in to and  is a great way to keep the tiny bit of leftover paint you might have in the bottom of a gallon. 

If I have a pretty full gallon I also label that. I've definitely learned my lesson from eyeballing one can and thinking it was the color I used on a wall and not realizing I was wrong until the paint was almost dry!

Once the gallon is finished I toss that but always keep the lid with the barcode. When you need more than a mason jar full of paint you can bring the lid back to the hardware store and have them scan the barcode instead of spending forever going through paint swatches. 

This now completes my boring paint storage post :) Hope it helps! 

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