Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Big Before & After Post (Part 3: The Second Floor)

Edited to add: The link to the supply list

Part 3: The Second Floor is here! Looking at these pictures makes me feel such a sense of accomplishment! 

This is my bedroom before. It's 12'x12' and the 2 extra feet mean that my queen bed moved up here vs. to the first floor bedroom. When I bought the house the walls were dirty yellow and the carpet was brown indoor/outdoor scratchy stuff:
Here it is now. I have light green on the walls and am thinking about painting the light green white. I think the room would look really cool with white floors, white walls, and mostly white bedding. White walls would also give me more options to change out the colors elsewhere in the room. Back to the room's current state thought...
I have hung curtains, painted the walls, ripped up the carpet, and painted the floors:

My dad moved the light switch from one side of the room to the other and turned the switch into a plug for the TV. I love dads! 

The kitchen redo, the floor redo, and the window seat removal are some of my favorite home changing projects! once the window seat was ripped out, new trim was added along the floor to match the rest as well as along the bottom of the window. I also added a full length mirror (the ceiling was too low to put it anywhere else), new light-blocking blinds that the cat can't manage to break, and a fan that really helps with the room temp. during the summer:

Two steps across the hall is my "office." I don't do much paperwork, but if I want to it's there! I got rid of the castle and wall color, repainted (this is the same color as the bathroom so you can get a better idea of the shade), and of course re-did the floors!

If you walk away from this blog with only one thing learned it should be that paint can make a major difference! Stay tuned. The fourth and final before & after post is coming soon! 

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