Friday, December 23, 2011

The Big Before & After Post (Part 2: The First Floor)

Edited to add: The link to the supply list

Have you been dying for part 2 of my before and after house tour? I thought so! Let's get to it!

In the last post I showed you the outside of my house and the progress I've made on the stairs and living room. In this post I'll show you the rest of my first floor.

Here is the view from my dining room into the living room on the day I met my house.
Here it is now. I've replaced the light fixture and painted the walls and the stripes

Here is the view as you walk into the dining room from the living room:
Here it is now. The gold knobs are now silver and my tree pictures live in here.

Here is a view of the dining room coming from the kitchen:
So much better huh?!

I love the room too much to leave it without one more before & after picture:

Here is my bathroom. Have  I ever showed you this? I have lots of things I'd still like to do. I'd love a big tub and have the room for it. I also need to do something about the window. It lets so much freezing air in during the winter that it's like being in a hot tub while it's snowing outside! I also want to replace the horrible medicine cabinet with two mirrors. I am also thinking about painting the vanity. Probably black. Otherwise white. I'm not sure, so I'll wait!
So far I've replaced the shower curtain rod and added hardware to the cabinets. Oh, and I've painted and caulked like crazy. The color looks really obnoxious in this picture. It's actually a soothing greyish blue. I am thinking about painting the whole thing light grey though. 

Here is the view I have when I'm laying in the tub:
The toilet has been replaced and the doorknobs have been replaced. All of the pictures on the wall are of bubbles, water, and other bath related things. It's a bathroom though. Not much else to show! It's strange to have double sinks in a main floor bathroom. It seems like it should be a master bath. Because of this I almost took up residence in the first floor bedroom.

Speaking of the first floor bedroom... This is it. This is where I slept my first night at the house while I worked on my white floors. It's 10'x10' so it's a little small. The two extra feet in my tiny upstairs bedroom make a big difference. I did my planning for new furniture thing in here and realized I wouldn't be able to fit my bed in the room and walk. 
Instead I put my old bed in here and my old curtains. I framed some scrapbook paper and used my standard big pillows again in here. The whole room cost me $90. The window straight ahead is inside of the screened porch.

This is the other side of the room. You can see the hall and the stairs outside of the door. To the right after leaving the room is a linen closet and the bathroom. 
I bought this dresser and nightstand at a garage sale.

This isn't a before & after. I just wanted to show the layout of the first floor, since I haven't really. Here you can see how the kitchen, dining, hallway, guest room, bathroom, and living room link. the door that's closed is the coat closet.

Here is the kitchen. You've seen this before & after before, but I'll refresh your memory! Here is the before with the peel and stick tile, hood fan, and peach blinds:
Here's the after. Cabinets moved over, microwave above the new stove, hardware on the cabinets, and a pantry cabinet added.

Here's another before of the dirty walls and lack of appliances:
This room still makes me so happy! Here is the breakfast room and kitchen after with new paint and appliances:

Here are the peach blinds again:
I really do need blinds but hate the way they look. For now here is the breakfast room with bright new paint and fun tree curtains (oh and my bright white deck railings):

Now you've seen a before & after of my first floor. It's come a long way! The kitchen is one of the top contenders for "most improved" room! Stay tuned... Upstairs is next!

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