Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Recipe EVER: Truffles

I'm known for a few things that I make really well. One of them is my truffles. The great thing about being known for making them well is that when people ask me to make them they're easy and only require two ingredients! Whipped cream and chocolate. I'm going to do the opposite of my norm and show you the after image first:

Ready to see how to make them?

Today I went to buy whipped cream and I had my choice of it in tiny cartons or a big carton of heavy cream. I had no idea what the difference was so I bought both. I googled it when I got home. There is a difference in milk fat content (or something like that), so make sure you buy whipped cream!

I used 2 cups of whipped cream and 2 pounds of chocolate. This made 80 good sized truffles. 

Buy good chocolate. I like Ghiradelli (and they're not paying me to say that!) 60% Cacao chips. Some people think they're a little too bitter. I mellow out the taste by doing 2 bags of my chips and 1 bag of semi-sweet.
 Most truffle recipes I've seen have a giant bar of chocolate that someone spends forever cutting up into tiny pieces. That's why I'm lazy and buy chips. I try to cut most of them in half. Once you've broken them up toss them into a bowl and set them aside.
 Now you're going to heat up your whipping cream. Heat it until it's just boiling. 
 Remove it from the heat and slowly pour it over your chocolate.
 Let the mixture sit (without stirring it) for 5 minutes. 
 This is what it looks like when you start to stir it.
You'll begin to doubt me. You'll think you need way more chocolate because it doesn't even look like chocolate milk. 
Just keep stirring.
 After a few minutes it will look like this! If it's still lumpy you can fill up the bottom of your sink with hot water and put your bowl in it. This will heat up the chocolate enough to melt the lumps.
 You can put this in a shallower bowl if you want it to harden faster. I was working on a million things so I didn't care. 
Put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
 Once your chocolate has hardened find whatever it is that you want to coat the truffles with. I have done several different things. These are my favorites:
Powdered Sugar
Unsweetened Coco
Ground Chocolate 
Colored Sugar
Cinnamon (I forgot that this time)
I'm sure you can use other things like coconut or something, but this is what I like!
 Get a mellon baller or something to scoop your chocolate with and bowls with anything you want to roll it in.
These guys are messy. I put them in my hands and roll them into balls and then roll them in the topping. Every so often your hands will get so chocolaty that you'll have to stop to wash them. The chocolate also goes soft after a little while and you might need to take refrigerator breaks if you don't work quickly.

I cover my cookie sheets with foil or wax paper. After I fill one up I stick it in the refrigerator to firm the truffles up.
I also buy lots of dorky stickers and chinese food boxes. People love to get them as gifts (or so they tell me!).
In fact, I've been making them for a few years:

Anyway... Back to today's truffles. 
Here they are! Beautiful huh?

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