Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to Decorate for Fall

Any excuse I can find to change up the decor in my house makes it my favorite time of the year! Fall really is my favorite time so decorating for it is extra fun! My Pinterest obsession was really at its height as I prepared to decorate this year. Everyone was doing such creative things with cheap things they found at the grocery store... I couldn't wait!

First I had to clear out some summer stuff

 Then I spread out my supplies
 This is the cheap stuff I saw on Pintrest that I tried to copy. I had a few bags of yellow and green split peas and lots of candy corn 
 Ready to see a Pintrest failure? Sometimes I am just not as creative as I think I am!
It's a 20 lb. train-wreck isn't it?!
I decided I had way too much going on so I tried to separate everything but the split peas again. It took forever!

Ready to see something a little more attractive?
Here are my decorating successes:

(the rug looks a lot better with the red pillows for some reason doesn't it?)

(This is as good as I could make it look... I kinda like it!)

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