Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing With Barn Wood

I usually like to keep my projects top secret until I can do a big before and after post, but I'm doing something totally different than anything I've ever done! I'm sure you could guess from the title, but in case you couldn't, it involves barn wood! 

Reclaimed wood is crazy popular right now. It's at all of my favorite places for extreme prices! The following are my favorites from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie:

Oh, and check out how amazing this pretty chair would be with any of them. It's from Anthropologie and at $198 per chair, it will never get to be a part of my life!

So now that you know my latest inspirations wanna know what I've been working on? 
I'm building a dining room table! I'd rather not break the bank on expensive stuff... Or buy a cheapie table that I'll have to replace in a few years. My mom and I trekked out to the middle of a farm a few towns over after reading an add on Craig's List (sounds like the plot of a cheesy scary movie huh?). He chopped pieces of a barn he was tearing down for us. For $20 I got a tabletop that will look amazing!

I wanted to do some work to the wood to protect it from food and spills and make it easy to wipe. I also wanted to bring some shine to it. I started by sanding it... a lot. It was a mess and smelled like farm animals as I sanded:

Look at how dirty the waist band was after 30 min. of sanding. 
I then used the most amazing product in the universe... Howard's Feed & Wax. It was $9 at my local hardware store. I just rubbed it on and my wood looked like this. When you see it laid out you can picture it as a dining table can't you? 

That's all that I can show you for now of the table... But I will update with the finished product soon!

Want to see what my mom did with her barn wood? 
She was inspired by this post that we found on Pintrest
She wanted to leave her wood a lot more raw that I did. When my baby brother moved out my mom got to have a second guest room. She painted the room that same shade of grey, and when we found this picture we both knew it was meant to be! Here are during & after shots:
(Me & my baby brother's dog)

(See the barn door behind the chair? The farm guy threw that in.  

Recognize the rug? It's the nasty looking one I had in my painted rug post. My mom trimmed it and cleaned it up... Big time!

So here's my teaser post about my fun with barn wood!

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