Monday, September 12, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Lately I've been feeling an extreme love for the color yellow! I didn't want to buy a million new pieces of furniture but I feel like some of my stuff and house needs a makeover. My patio furniture is one of those things:
It's cute. But just kind of brown and boring... Clearly I had already decided that I loved yellow when I made over the flower pots... I needed MORE yellow!

I also had this cheapo off white Ikea table that needed some love. It was ok, but next to the white rocking chairs it just looked dirty. It was about to rain (but never actually did) the day I decided to paint so I took everything in to the screened porch. 
Painting anything brown a different color is scary. It looks SO bad covering it up. Here is the first coat in progress. 
And here is the after! I spent $12 on a quart of yellow paint. The white I already had laying around. I love cheap makeovers that give instant gratification! 

Did I ever show the deck makeover? The railings were the color of the floor until this summer. Slowly but surely I'll cover the ENTIRE house with layers and layers of paint! 
The yellow makeover was inspired by the pots I have on my front steps. I love the contrast with the red door. Aren't the flowers amazing!? Let me let you in on the secret to the happy flowers in all of my pictures...

They're fake. $6 each from Ikea. I stuck them in some real dirt and now they'll live forever and ever... They'll just hang out in the basement during the winter. It might seem tacky but I don't know how the dog and cat are still alive... I kill everything I plant! And these look real. So there's my mini-furniture makeover and my fake flower secret! 

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